Biodynamic Therapist: Laura Irvine BA, FIOBM

Laura is a Licensed Biodynamic Psychotherapist

Biodynamic Therapist: Laura Irvine BA, FIOBMLaura is a Fellow of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine, (IOBM); and has been practising in the biodynamic field for 25 years. Laura’s practice at The Harbourside Practice is Registered as a Biodynamic Clinic with the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine –

Laura has a degree in Psychology from Balliol College, Oxford University and has also worked in the media, research, community development and mental health fields.

I am privileged to work in the field of Biodynamic Psychology which is designed to bring us back to our most essential feelings, supporting us to face our difficulties and to reconnect with our selves.

I am resolute that you find what is best for you in your life, and I aim to meet you in a real place where you can be fully yourself.

My clients are typically people who have strong caring values, whether as parents, carers or professionals, and may have taken on a caring role, or a global issue, at a very young age. Preoccupied by other people’s problems and demands, they nevertheless have a lot of anxiety about themselves; tend to be overcommitted; often developing chronic symptoms, even beginning to encounter serious health difficulties.

Highly intelligent and sensitive, they can benefit from time and space, focus and attention, to move beyond anguish and connect with the wisdom of their bodies, as a route to restore confidence in their primary ethical nature.

The biodynamic approach supports you to remember and re-connect with your essential flow, to consciously value the self you come to know here, to rediscover or find new ways to remain true to your self and to connect back to the world from there.

Biodynamic therapy’s combination of talking, bodywork and massage lends itself to working intensively without excessive provocation and can be an invaluable support to specific issues or personal development.

This can bring a quiet revolution, as you come out of conflict and compromise, and allow a gentle unfolding towards renewed purpose, creativity and pleasure.

Biodynamic Psychology

Biodynamic Psychotherapy is essentially a contract to work holistically with your self, through attending to your psyche or soul, with a therapist.

To support the contract the therapist will use a range of methods, including Biodynamic Massage, Vegetotherapy, working with the body without touch, and Psychotherapy.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy can include visualisation, biodynamic dream analysis, dramatising and enacting situations, speaking from your core, unravelling judgement, or freeing you from rigid patterns of thought.

To support your deep core it can be important to support your healthy immunity to situations which have harmed you – the coherent safety of your therapist’s allowing intention and a soft environment are designed to support you to express and free your most difficult and challenged feelings.

By adding bodywork and (when in person) gentle, effective and targeted biodynamic massage to the talking therapies and more traditional psychotherapy and psychology, this holistic healing approach can not only ease your mind and clear your head (via the glymphatic system) – it also works to relieve muscular and nervous tension and eliminate biochemical stress products stored in your body.

Guided by your deepest bio-feedback responses, which the therapist tunes into by awareness of your breathing and, during treatment, by listening to your abdominal sounds through a loudspeaker stethoscope placed on your abdomen during treatment, we work systematically to restore the workings of this innate healing mechanism in the body.

“There is an innate healing mechanism in the body which dissolves nervous tension in the muscles and resolves emotional and psychological conflict on the unconscious and organic level.” Gerda Boyesen, Founder of Biodynamic Psychology.

The range of biodynamic therapies are designed to ‘find the key’ to reset the function of our ‘innate healing mechanism’ and to restore a person to their natural, exuberant, spontaneous self.

This restoration process reconnects you to what is known in Biodynamic Psychology as the ‘Primary Personality’ – your vibrant core self, ready, willing and able to meet life’s challenges – and clears the pathways to enable you to reach your potential and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Services at Bristol Talking Therapy Rooms

  • Consultation and first treatment – 2 hours.
  • On-going Regular Sessions – 2 hours, scheduled fortnightly.

Other Services – available by arrangement

  •  Meeting @home, through a choice of technology. These meetings not only involve talking, but also the use of well established bodywork without touch
  • Biodynamic Residential Retreat Programme – A series of 6, 10 or 20 hour sessions over a concentrated period of 2-5 days, in a specially chosen residential venue – a substantial programme with space and time to really benefit.

Fees: Hourly and pro rata, based on IOBM guidelines, agreed between us.

  • Fees at different locations can vary.


For further information or to book a session with Laura:

Mobile: +44 (0) 7973 169237