Our New Pictures

We’ve invested in some new pictures – all of Bristol or its surrounds – by local artist Emy Lou Holmes.

Emily is an illustrator from Clevedon who now lives and works in Bristol. She creates illustrations of local towns and cities and retro-inspired images. Her artwork is made up of digital illustrations, drawn on her IPad and edited in photoshop. The pictures reflect her interest in  60s & 70s aesthetics and she collects vintage fabrics and wallpapers to collage into her work. We like the ‘local-ness’ of the pictures and the fact that they are somehow contemporary despite the retro inspiration.

Blue tits now nesting in the garden

We put up a number of nesting boxes earlier in the year and Julie Gresty, one of our counsellors, used her photography skills to capture this charming picture of a male blue tit feeding a female in the garden as she (hopefully) incubates a clutch of eggs.

Blue tits apparently lay a large number of eggs, possibly as many as eleven or twelve so we’re looking forward to seeing the young birds soon.

Our sister practice upstairs

View from the roof of the new rooms looking towards Millenium Square

In August 2018 Bristol’s planning department gave permission to use the top two floors in our building for counselling and psycho-therapeutic work. No. 3 Redcliffe Parade East is physically divided into two self-contained units and we have the downstairs two floors. The two upstairs floors will be a separate suite of 3 new counselling rooms and a waiting room and will bring a much needed resource to Redcliffe, the city centre, and southern Bristol.

The planning process has delayed commissioning the new rooms which has had a knock-on effect, but they should be operational in the New Year, providing counselling rooms and a space for small groups (CPD  etc).  We look forward to it.