For Therapists

Looking to Book a Room?

Bristol Talking Therapy Rooms is a space dedicated to the talking therapies, or more precisely to the professionals who practise in them, and our rooms are set up for just that; they’re soundproofed, comfortable and provide a professional and credible place to work in. We want to provide a really good place to work, one that enables people to be as effective as possible; both your clients and you.

We know that clients think the place is ideal for talking because we researched what they said about us in our sister practice downstairs and what became apparent is that people love the location, the ‘Georgian-ness’ of the building and rooms, and the relaxing Harbourside position.

  • ‘‘There is a comforting, welcoming feeling that likely has both conscious and subconscious benefits’’.
  • ‘‘Sometimes it is nice to walk along the Harbourside to reflect after a session’’.
  • ‘‘One of the reasons I like it here is its tranquil and peaceful environment’’.
  • ‘‘Accessibility to bus routes etc. is good. Calming environment. Good to be near main road and central but not tucked away’’.
  • ‘‘The rooms are incredibly tranquil and beneficial and make all the difference with what they offer’’.
  • ‘‘The location is accessible for the working population i.e. during lunchbreaks/before/after work’’.

We also know what therapists think of the place:

  • ‘‘Clients regularly comment on the ambience of the building and how helpful it is to be in a pleasant and relaxing building’’.
  • ‘‘Most of my clients comment at some point on how peaceful and relaxing the rooms are which helps deepen their work especially clients working through deep trauma. They also appreciate and benefit from being so close to the calming walks available around the harbour area before and after their sessions.’’
  • ‘‘I really appreciate all you do to keep the Practice running smoothly and making it such a great place to work. I realised the other day I’ve been there for nearly 8 years. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made’’.

Just as important is the ethos of the place. In an ever-complex world we try to keep things as simple as possible so that you can just get on and practise. We offer rooms in regular four hour sessions (same room, same time, same day). Depending on availability the rooms can be booked by existing therapists on an ad hoc basis too, via their on-line booking facility. The rooms are nominally available from 09.00 until 9.00 in the evening (but if you need to start earlier, later or at weekends, that’s fine) and are simply paid for by standing order every month.

Of course, you have to be qualified (or working towards qualification with a supervisor’s letter of right to practise), be insured, and a member of a regulatory body. We ask for a month’s notice and some common sense and that’s about it.

The Bristol Talking Therapy Rooms has D1 (clinic/health centre) use class.

If you would like more information or would like to view our rooms, please email or phone Clive on 07947 023371