Person-Centred Integrative Therapist: Nick McLellan

About me

Hello! I’m Nick, a counselling therapist working in Bristol. I offer a safe, inclusive space that supports you to make your path through this often mysterious and confusing thing we call life. Whether you’re growing, struggling or just looking for a little help with navigating, let’s work together to explore the way forward.

From an early age and throughout our lives, most of us are taught that we should hide parts of ourselves to make our way in the world. We learn to conform – or at least to pretend to conform. As the person we are pulls away from the person we’re told we should be, in many cases we’re left with lingering or lifelong distress and a struggle to feel truly connected and at home within ourselves.

Often, feeling disconnected from ourselves leads to difficulties connecting with others. I believe the more we understand, accept and nurture ourselves, the more we can really be in the world and the find connection, community and purpose we’re longing for.

That’s what drives me in my counselling practice. I create a compassionate and collaborative space where we can safely explore the things you’re wrestling with, where you can experience connectedness and understanding. Our work can help you develop your self-awareness, self-acceptance and resilience, and build confidence to live more from all the aspects that make you who you are.

My approach

Humanness, openness and connection are at the heart of what I do.

My counselling work is based on the person-centred approach, which means that my focus is on developing a working relationship with you that’s founded on the principles of unconditional acceptance, non-judgement and genuineness. To be “person-centred” is to be led by you. Your goals, your needs, and your right to express and experience yourself as a unique person are the focus of the work. I’ll work in partnership with you, and in a way that’s sensitive to where you are in your current stage of life. The most important thing is that we work together to create a growing sense of trust and openness so that you’re able to pursue the changes you want to make in your life.

Our experiences can offer up a wealth of clues that may help us on our way as we seek to learn what matters, resonates, drives us or holds us back. With that in mind, sessions usually include exploring emotions, investigating thoughts, reflecting on present and past experiences and listening to different parts of the self. We might also include things like gentle mindfulness, creative exploration or using imagination and metaphor, depending on your preferences and needs.

You might feel like it’s impossible to identify or articulate exactly what’s causing you distress; perhaps you can only put your finger on how it’s impacting you. Feeling this way is incredibly common (and I’ve felt that way myself at times). Let’s talk and see if we can discover a way forward together.

I work with adults aged 18+ of any and all backgrounds, and can support you through a range of challenging life circumstances, including (but by no means limited to) depression, anxiety/stress, relationship difficulties, managing challenging emotions, loss and grief and struggles with identity.

Fees & availability

I offer in-person sessions at Bristol Talking Therapy Rooms on Friday afternoons. I also offer in-person sessions from my practice room in Clifton on Monday afternoons, and online sessions on Tuesday afternoons.

Weekly 50-minute sessions cost £50 per session.

I also offer a limited number of places at a reduced rate of £35 per session for clients who are currently unemployed or otherwise in financial difficulty. Please let me know when you first contact me if you’d like to explore taking one of these places.

Feel free to contact me at to discuss setting up an initial meeting, or visit to read more about me and how I work.