Bereavement Counselling: Jean Thirkettle FdSc, MBACP

Are you struggling with a loss?  I’ve many years experience working specifically with all types of loss and bereavement.

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Miscarriage or stillborn
  • Loss of identity
  • Confusion about gender
  • Loss of limb or health
  • Loss of confidence or poor self esteem
  • Displacement
  • Redundancy or retirement

All of these (and the list is endless) can make us feel that we are behaving irrationally, out of control, withdrawn, not coping and experiencing anxiety.

Death of a loved one after a long period of illness can be devastating – it might feel like a relief but also a sense of guilt for feeling that way.  You may feel you have lost your purpose and suddenly you have lots of time on your hands leaving you feeling very alone.

Maybe you are still caring for your loved one and feel your choices have become limited.

A death by suicide leaving lots of unanswered questions.

The death of an abuser may bring lots of complicated and unresolved feelings from the past to the surface.

All of these experiences cause us to grieve our losses and there is no right way, we all do it differently, in our own way and in our own time.  Sharing how you feel with someone you trust is a step towards feeling better.  People often tell me that this is when they find out who their real friends are and sometimes the hand of friendship comes from a surprising place.  Support is so important but I often hear people say they don’t want to burden or upset their friends and families.

Rebuilding our life after any loss takes courage.

If any of this sounds familiar, call me on 07557 911551 or email me at

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