Integrative Counsellor: Irina Florea

About me and my therapy practice

Therapy for adults of all ages with a focus on strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem, developing healthy and positive habits and behaviours, while addressing struggles such as anxiety, depression, burnout, ADHD, surviving abuse, self-harm, relationship and family issues, loss and grief.Irina-Flovea-24-October-2023

I am a qualified counsellor and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).

I offer online therapy (via video calls) and in-person sessions in Bristol and in Frome. Every Tuesday, I have availability for in-person sessions in Bristol (Redcliffe area). Depending on circumstances, I also offer telephone sessions.

I offer a safe therapeutic space for LGBTQ+ people and aim to support inclusion and diversity around gender, biological sex diversity and sexuality.

Furthermore, I have experience in supporting clients as they learn how to manage ADHD (pre or post diagnosis) and the feelings that result from it.

I am trained in an integrative way, applying theory and practice from the Client-Centred Model and integrating other humanistic therapies (Existential, Gestalt, Psychosynthesis) and Psychodynamic therapy. Furthermore, I have comprehensive knowledge and experience with Bereavement, Loss and Grief through the work I have done with the UK largest bereavement charity – Cruse Bereavement Support.

Working with a variety of struggles that follow loss and grief, I turned my attention to other therapeutic models and specialisms – Attachment Theory, Trauma-Informed Care, Transactional Analysis, Internal Family Systems. To support long-lasting results in therapy for my clients, I use elements of Mindfulness and Meditation, with attention to integrating breathing and body-based techniques in the therapeutic process.

I offer counselling in three languages: English, Spanish and Romanian.

Professional Membership
Registered Member MBACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
I am fully insured through Holistic Insurance
I attend monthly clinical supervision and work within the BACP Ethical Framework

CPCAB Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling (National Counselling Society and the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online)
Cruse Bereavement Support Foundation Course (National Counselling Society)

Currently studying:
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Complex Trauma Certification

Introductory phone call (15-20 minutes) – no fee
Bristol – £60 per 50-minute session
Frome – £55 per 50-minute session
Online – £55 per 50-minute session

I’m also an affiliate therapist with WPA Health Insurance. If your sessions are covered through workplace benefits, please get in touch with me for more details.

Website and contact details:
Tel/Whatsapp: +44 7954 059 848


Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist: Charlotte Rose (she/her)

I’m accredited with the British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) as a therapist (and supervisor), with over a decade’s post-qualification experience of supporting people with problems relating to eating, trauma, anxiety, and depression to make sense of their experience in context and experiment with meaningful change. The same ethical principles and thoughtful use of theory have guided this work. However, no two therapy clients have (or will) ever be the same.Charlotte Rose therapist photo BTTR October 2023

My way of working is responsive to individual differences, so I learn something new from everyone I meet and remain passionate about providing high-quality and sensitive therapy.

My time is currently divided between my small-scale private practice, a leadership role in the NHS as a Principal Psychological Therapist, and completing a doctorate, where my research aims to explore the meanings made of eating disorders and experiences of therapy by people of bi+ identities (I have previously published academic peer-reviewed papers on CBT and eating disorders). I enjoy the balance and variety that this provides.

In addition to attending to how the cognitive meaning of experiences influences emotional and behavioural responses, which may further reinforce the way we make sense of ourselves and the world (as is typical of most CBT approaches), I am also interested in how this relates to mind-body dis/connections, feelings of conflict, and the sociocultural contexts in which very real experiences of subtle and not-so-subtle oppression occurs. I have advanced my skills and openness regarding attending to the therapeutic relationship through training and experience in psychodynamic thinking and practice during the last few years, which brings depth to my work.

Therapy can be short- or long-term, depending on your needs and requirements.

I charge £95 per hour.

Please see my website for further information:

Integrative Relational Counsellor: Marc Newton

Need to talk?

People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. I offer a safe and non-judgemental space where you can explore your thoughts, emotions and the challenges you are going through.Marc Newton June 2023

Using an integrative approach, I provide relational counselling tailored to your needs. I believe that connection is an important part of what makes counselling work; together, we can build a therapeutic relationship where you can feel safe, supported and understood.

Working collaboratively, I will help you to find acceptance, to grow and to develop more self-compassion. I will help you to work through past and present difficulties, gaining new awareness and perspective.

I have experience working with anxiety, anger, self-esteem, relationships, abuse, trauma, guilt and shame. Specialising in work with LGBTQ+ clients, I have experience in a wide range of issues around gender and sexual relationship diversity, including:

  • coming out;
  • internalised homophobia;
  • being a gay parent;
  • experience of discrimination and microaggressions;
  • gender identity and expression;
  • intersections of spirituality and sexuality;
  • and being ‘othered’.

Whilst these issues may or may not be the focus of our work together, I aim to provide a space where clients can consider how these aspects of identity affect their lives, their self-concept and their expectations of the world around them.

Finding the right counsellor can be daunting – but if you’re finding life hard and struggling with your feelings, then talking to me could help.


Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy, University of the West of England
Level 4 Counselling Certificate, University of the West of England

Professional registration

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and abide by their ethical framework for good practice.


I offer sessions online and face-to-face. Sessions cost £50 and last for 50-55 minutes.

I offer face-to-face sessions on Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons. I offer online sessions on Mondays. Please get in touch for availability.

Initial meetings

Taking the first step into counselling can feel difficult; understandably, people sometimes feel nervous about the first session. You’re meeting a new person, in a new context, with the prospect of sharing personal, vulnerable things which you may not have told anyone before. Nerves are perfectly normal and we can work with that feeling. I am experienced in putting people at ease.

I offer clients a free initial meeting. This gives us an opportunity to decide whether we could work together. By coming to your initial meeting, you’re not signing up for anything and you’re not tied in to a certain number of sessions.

In the initial meeting, I won’t ask you to go too deep or share anything too vulnerable. It will be a chance for me to gather some information from you, after which we can explore what’s brought you to counselling. We will discuss what you would like to get from counselling, and start to think about how we might move forward. If you choose to have counselling with me, I will continue to review our work together as we go, so it doesn’t all have to be decided in our first session.

Get in touch to arrange a free initial meeting.





Integrative Counsellor: Mark Childs

Life rarely follows the straightforward path we had hoped it would, and we can find ourselves in places we don’t recognise or discover that the path ahead delivers unexpected changes or challenges. These changes can often result in mixed feelings, some welcome and some hard to accept. Counselling can offer a space to come to terms with these changes and cope with the transitional stage we find ourselves in.Mark Childs

I am able to work through your existential or spiritual concerns, help you to understand previous events and difficulties from your life, or work towards a future goal. In order to do this, I draw from a variety of approaches and creative techniques to work as an integrative counsellor and this helps me to best meet the specific needs of the person I am working with. However, I believe that the therapeutic journey is a collaborative one. Therefore, in order to honour the uniqueness and autonomy of the client, I would aim to approach any difficulties and obstacles in a mutual, collaborative and interpersonal way. Using this approach allows me to respond to the person I am sitting with rather than applying a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to suit everyone.

Nonetheless, although I believe that creating a relationship this way between counsellor and client is central to creating a safe, trusting and supportive space for personal exploration, please rest assured that you will always be placed at the centre of the work.

The therapeutic work can be open-ended or run through a fixed number of sessions, depending on your preference. Initially, the first session will be about exploring what has brought you to counselling and your current situation. Following this, sessions act as a way for me to get to know you and your story more deeply, creating the base from which the therapeutic journey progresses. Should this strike a chord with you, I would be happy to meet with you to review your individual needs about what you would like to gain from coming to therapy.


Sessions last for 50 minutes and cost £60.



I can also be found on Instagram under: markchildscounselling

Humanistic Integrative Therapist: Irina Iosub MBACP DipHIC LL.M

Hello and welcome!

I understand that looking for a therapist can feel confusing, and I know that it may take courage to seek help. Finding the right therapist for you will help co-create the relationship that is at the heart of the success of the therapeutic process.

Irina Iosub January 2023

When you feel overwhelmed, fearful, angry, deeply sad, lost, disconnected, or your sense of meaning and purpose dissipated, it can be helpful to have someone supportive alongside you. If you feel that the support offered by a friend or family member is too much for them, or not enough for you, counselling provides a safe space where you can access an understanding than runs deeper than words. When we are truly seen and heard by another, we can discover more of ourselves, seeking ways to heal ourselves. I have personally experienced the difference that having a non-judgemental and empathic therapist beside me can make in life and I would like to offer that back.

Embarking on your therapeutic journey will help you gather the strengths and skills needed to overcome a range of difficulties such as anxiety, stress, depression, unhealthy and often self-destructive behaviours, addiction, relationship difficulties, significant life changes or broadly surfing the waves of life.

My approach

I am a qualified counsellor trained at the Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy, level 6 equivalent, and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, abiding by their Ethical Framework. I also hold a MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) certificate from Oxford Mindfulness Foundation and studied law (LL.M).

Humanistic and Integrative counselling focuses on the individual as a whole. It encourages self-discovery and facilitates achieving your full potential as human being. It also draws on different tools from various modalities to tailor a personalised approach for the client which will improve the efficiency of the therapeutic process.

The results of therapy can be immensely rewarding, transformative, empowering and can lead to shifts in the way we feel about ourselves and others. It often involves the consideration of whether there are any changes we might make to improve our quality of life, changes that can happen in complex, systemic, rippling ways.  As your therapist, my goal is to support you on this journey, to facilitate your exploration and expand your understanding of your experience. I place great value on the relationship, working with you in mind, and I believe that ‘The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives’ (Esther Perel). I aim to create a trusting and non-judgemental relationship that helps you to increase your awareness of what might be happening in your life, how you might move forwards to a more satisfying place, and how to heal yourself.

As a counsellor, I’ve worked with a generous range of people including those experiencing: anxiety, addiction, negative self-perception, decreased sense of self, depression, abusive relationships, personal boundary issues, terminal illness, loss, social stigma or discrimination. I have provided counselling at The Swan Project for more than three years, and I have learned that addiction is often a way of trying to cope with human suffering.

I have a special interest in identity, sense of self, and diversity. I welcome diversity and would like to honour the uniqueness of you.

I enjoy working creatively, incorporating elements of compassion and mindfulness. My approach is tailored to your needs, helping you navigate what is relevant for you. Through our work together we’ll both explore your story with empathy and curiosity, aiming to really understand what had happened to you in the past, and how this might be affecting your present.

Fees and availability

Sessions last for 50 minutes and cost £50.

I offer a free 30 min online initial consultation.

Please contact me for low- cost counselling availability.

I work with individual adult clients (18+ years) and offer long- and short-term therapy sessions.


If you would like to find out more and arrange an initial appointment with me, please feel free to contact me at or visit my website  .

I will be pleased to offer you a free 30-minute introductory online session to discuss what brings you to therapy or answer any questions you might have. That will give both of us a sense of the prospect of working together.




Integrative Counsellor: Milla Kenny

Milla Kenny Counselling

Hello, do you need space to talk? Together we can explore issues relating to bereavement, loss and grief, depression and anxiety, loneliness and isolation, low self-esteem and self-confidence, relationship issues, communication styles or challenging family dynamics.Milla Kenny

I have special interest in working with bereavement, grief and loss and can help with what can be a very difficult time in your life.

I gravitate towards psychodynamic and humanistic approach to therapy and I will encourage you to be self-reflective, engage in self-exploration into your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences from early life, and the beliefs that you hold.

I use creative techniques to facilitate deeper self-exploration with clients who wish to work this way.

About me

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor, working in private practice in Bristol and Keynsham. I work with individual adult clients (18+ yrs). I offer long-term and short-term counselling depending on your needs, in person, via zoom video and telephone. I am a certified online and telephone counsellor and can deliver remote counselling competently.

The aim of our sessions is to help you have a better understanding of yourself, which in turn will help you deal with the feelings that are encroaching on your current life.

I see the role of the counsellor as that of a confidential and compassionate collaborator, supporting you towards solutions that are not imposed by me, but come from within you.

Together we can explore issues relating to:

  • Bereavement/Loss and Grief
  • Challenging Life Events
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Low Self Confidence/Self Esteem
  • Life Changes/Choices/Pressures
  • Retirement/Loneliness
  • Emotional/Psychological Wellbeing
  • Workplace/Occupational/Professional/Social Difficulties
  • Separation/Divorce


  • Membership: British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy / Registered Member
  • Training: BA (Hons) in Integrative-Relational Counselling / 2013

 What will happen at my first appointment?
At your first appointment with me l will ask you a few questions, discuss some of the events that have brought you to therapy and look at how my services might be able to help. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about counselling.

At the end of this initial consultation, you may be able to decide whether you would like to continue with further appointments.

For more information and FAQs, please visit my website:

If you would like to have an informal chat before booking, please feel free to call me on 07847 362 317.
You can also contact me via email:

Milla's BACP log 2 October 2022Milla Kenny OTC 2 October 2022


Former client testimonials:

“Milla’s warmth, care and understanding gave me the courage to talk about things I had been unable trust anyone else with. She made me feel heard and valued so that through our sessions I was able to start to make sense of things and find a way through, back to myself.”

“Thanks so much for listening and helping me all these months – it means the world to me.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for all my sessions. You have helped me to feel much stronger in regards to considering myself as well as others. I have enjoyed having time every week to discuss everything going on in my life.”


Integrative Counsellor: Karen Hurley

About Me

Hello, I am Karen, an integrative counsellor, working from a person-centred perspective. This means I use different types of counselling theories in my work, depending on the issue(s) you wish to bring to counselling and most importantly what feels right for you.   I am a warm and empathic person and will offer you the opportunity through counselling to be heard and respected, whatever you wish to discuss with me.

Karen Hurley

Counselling can help you:

  • understand how you are feeling
  • see things differently
  • clarify and address problems
  • manage uncertainty and change better
  • think about new ideas and ways of being
  • talk about things in the past which you find difficult to deal with now
  • talk about your future and any changes you want to make

Professional registration

  • I am registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).
  • I have monthly clinical supervision, undertake ongoing continuing professional development and work within the Ethical Framework of BACP.
  • I am fully insured through Towergate Insurance.

Qualification & Training

  • Certificate in Counselling – University of the West of England (UWE)
  • Diploma in Professional Studies (Counselling) – UWE
  • TA 101
  • Working with Relational Trauma
  • Working with Shame
  • Level 2 Adult Safeguarding / Level 2 Child Protection / Prevent Duty
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Understanding Domestic Violence & Abuse
  • MS awareness and Counselling people with MS

My experience

  • I have been working in private practice for 6 years.
  • I have 10 years’ experience of working in the NHS in a non counselling capacity, supporting patients, their carers and families with illness, disability or bereavement.
  • I have worked in, set up and managed counselling services for unpaid family carers.
  • I have been a member of the BACP Older Peoples Expert Reference Group and have experiencing of setting up and running counselling services for older people.
  • I have experience of counselling in GP practices and in the charity / voluntary sector.

I have a wide range of experience of supporting people with:

  • low mood, anxiety and depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • family problems
  • loss, bereavement and grief
  • anger
  • guilt and shame
  • managing change and uncertainty
  • work problems
  • Illness and its impact on you and other people
  • life changes
  • being a carer and your caring role coming to an end


  • £45 for a 50-minute session.
  • I offer a free initial 15-20 introductory phone call for anyone considering starting counselling.

Contact Me


Clinical Psychologist: Liz Boyd


I have worked in adult mental health in a psychological capacity for over 20 years across community, forensic and hospital (NHS/independent) settings. I commenced in independent practice in 2014 offering therapeutic and medico-legal services which I continue to do to this day.Dr Liz Boyd

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist (qualifying in 2010) and registered with and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I have a MSc in Applied Forensic Psychology and I am qualified in Systemic Practice with the Association of Family Therapy as a Systemic Practitioner. I have undertaken further training and qualification with Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). My main areas of specialism and interest are in Adult Mental Health, Adults with Learning Disabilities and Forensic Mental Health and Behaviour.

I specialise in the following:

• Mood and Emotional Difficulties (e.g., persistent pervasive low mood, mood dysregulation, anger).
• Anxiety, Panic, Obsessive compulsive behaviours and excessive fear.
• Self-Harming behaviours.
• Trauma Stress (e.g., Nightmares, Flashbacks, Persistent Sense of Dread).
• Sleep Disturbances.

Psychological theory, science and models can be used to achieve change for people. Central to the therapy work is developing a shared understanding with you of how any challenges and experiences in your life have led to certain difficulties or behaviours.

Realistic and achievable targets are agreed for the therapy based on your needs. A therapy plan is followed that fits with your short and longer term goals. The plan and therapy goals form a pivotal role for reviewing progress during therapy.

As a Clinical Psychologist and with the range of further therapeutic training and experience undertaken, I can draw on a number of different therapy approaches and techniques including NICE recommended Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (REBT); Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) and Systemic Family Therapy.

I also draw upon Internal Family Systems Therapy as well as more neurobiologically informed approaches with consideration to Ego state/Parts work and Polyvagal theory. These different therapies are delivered according to professional and clinical guidelines and tailored to the needs of individuals and the presenting issues. Overarching the delivery and utilisation of these therapy approaches is the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF). This is an alternative non-medicalised model of mental health and psychological difficulty. I am a member of the BPS PTMF Sub-committee.

Please refer to my website for further information, contact details, my qualifications and accreditation details.

Tel: 07901 867011

Relationship Counsellor: Hannah Russell MNCPS (Acc.)

About Me

I am a Relate-trained counsellor with many years’ experience of offering relationship counselling to both individuals and couples. I have a private practice in Bristol seeing clients, both in person and online, during daytime office hours.Hannah Russell pic 21 September 2023 IMG_2673


My interest in counselling began many years ago when studying psychology as an undergraduate in Bradford. In 1994 I moved to Bristol where I trained and worked as a helpline volunteer for Womankind until 1996. In 2008/9, inspired by further study in psychology, I trained and worked with Relate as an adult relationship counsellor until 2013. During this time I also worked for a charity called School-Home Support where, in 2011, I qualified and worked as a casework supervisor across a number of primary and secondary schools in Bristol.

Over the course of the last 29 years I have held numerous roles across schools, the voluntary sector, local authorities and NHS and am passionate about improving outcomes for children and families. Having returned to Relate during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now working solely in private practice.

About Relationship Counselling

There are many and varied reasons which lead people to seek relationship counselling and I have worked with individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds on a broad range of issues such as communication, bereavement, fertility, trust, intimacy, family issues – including parenting, step-families and extended families – infidelity, work, financial worries and separation and divorce.

Are you struggling to discuss important issues with your partner without an argument or do you disagree on how to parent your children? Are you finding it difficult to be intimate together or is work stress impacting upon your family life? Have you recently separated from your partner and would like to explore what went wrong or do you have difficulty in developing and sustaining intimate relationships?

I aim to provide a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and confidential environment in which we can work together on the issues that are important to you, meeting your unique, individual needs.

I can offer short or longer-term counselling. In short term counselling we can focus on the more immediate issues you are experiencing in your day-to-day life whereas longer term work might allow a wider perspective on how your past experiences may be affecting your current difficulties. Length of counselling varies but six sessions is a helpful minimum.

Taking the first step in seeking support can feel daunting and I will do everything I can to help you to feel at ease.


Initial Consultation sessions are 50 minutes in length and charged at £65 for individuals and £85 for couples.

Should we agree to work together following the Initial Consultation, ongoing counselling appointments are also 50 minutes in length and charged at £65 per session for individual work and £85 for couple work.

Website and Contact Details



p: 07883 082046

Please note: I offer appointments from Monday through to Thursday during office hours. Unfortunately I am unable to offer appointments on Fridays, in the evenings or at weekends.

Hanna's new Accredited logo May 2023 Hannah's NCPS logo May 2023




Humanistic Integrative Counsellor: Katie Hope, BA, PG Dip HIC, MBACP.

I am a fully qualified humanistic integrative counsellor trained at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling.  In addition to my private practice, I have worked with the Southmead Project counselling traumatised adult victims of child abuse; with Mind, counselling people with a variety of mental health issues; and with Trauma Foundation South West, counselling refugees and asylum seekers.Katie Hope

I am warm and compassionate and will support you to find your way through your difficulties. I offer a variety of ways of working to suit your particular needs.  I find the key to counselling is building a trusting relationship.  I love my work and find working with people rewarding and humbling.

I have helped people cope with difficulties such as trauma, anxiety, depression, abuse, bereavement, pregnancy loss and relationship problems.  I’m particularly interested in how for many people, a strong inner critic can be the greatest challenge.  This is often as a result of difficult issues in childhood, and the strength of positive relationships and self-compassion can help reduce that inner criticism. I am trained in working with the body around trauma and anxiety, and find that this is an effective way to soothe overwhelming feelings.

Next steps

I know it can be daunting finding the right counsellor.  If you’d like to find out more, we can arrange a free 15-minute conversation to help you decide if you want to book an initial session.

I offer both short-term counselling focusing on a particular issue or longer-term therapy with ongoing support.  I am fully insured and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their Ethical Framework.

Sessions cost £50 per 50-minute sessions.  I work on Tuesdays during the day and in-person on Wednesday evenings (5-9pm) at Bristol Talking Therapy rooms.

Contact details



Phone: 07902 917570